To Use or Not to Use Prescription Insurance

Did you know that you can use your Insurance Card and the discount drug programs at the same time? Your insurance company needs all your prescription information; it is for your safety.

Always ask the pharmacy to send the prescription to your insurance company. You will receive the best price.

Medicare Part D – Donut Hole

I used to love those small sweet bites at least until July 2007 came around and my parents were in the donut hole. My parents called – when I arrived a pile of EOBS (explanation of benefits) were given to me. They were in the DONUT HOLE and what was I going to do about it, wanting to be a teenager again and respond “Not My Problem”, it was my problem because I chose the Medicare Part D provider. Ok, so it was my problem. My parents had a fighting chance their daughter was PharmaSue we just did not know that then. I worked with their physician to change medications to drugs on the Four Dollar type lists and they have not been in the donut hole since.

Since I cannot come to each of your homes and work with your doctors personally and I certainly do not want you to be one of the many millions of Medicare Part D beneficiaries that go without medication – I became involved with medtipster so that we can bring this information to you too! Tell your family and friends it is for all of us.

Hello and Welcome

The world of healthcare is both confusing and expensive. As a registered pharmacist, I know.

That is why I decided to do this blog. To clear things up. To tell it to you straight. To help you navigate through the morass with a little savvy and a lot less stress. From time to time, perhaps even to evoke a smile.

In the coming weeks, I’ll give you some very concrete advice. I’ll tell you steps you can take to avoid the Medicare donut hole. Give you tips for managing your care in the hospital. Share the background on some of the issues in drug trials. Tell you important things that your health insurance plan doesn’t want you to know.

Healthcare is a mess in this country. Every little bit of knowledge helps. I’ll share mine; I encourage you to share yours, and also to suggest topics. PharmaSue is here to serve you.

So shoot me an email at Or call me on Tuesday afternoons, between 4 pm and 5 pm. 877.207.5939.

Tell it to PharmaSue. I’m listening.

medtip of the week

A therapeutic alternative has different active ingredients which are in the same drug class as the original drug, and has similar therapeutic effects. Many therapeutic alternatives are also available as discount generic drugs. To switch to a therapeutic alternative, you must first discuss it with your medical professional. A new prescription will be required.