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09-20-2009, 02:06 AM
Hi SueAnn,
I was wandering if you could tell me if there was a generic medicine that would compare to Ultram ER 300mg and hopefully cheaper. I am having problems paying my co-pay of $70 monthly and just can't afford them. Your help on this will be greatly appreciated.

10-01-2009, 06:07 PM

Thank you, for contacting PharmaSueAnn on Medtipster!

Ultram ER is available generically but not yet on the discount lists that are currently on the market. However, a possible therapeutic alternative is Ultram (Tramadol) 50mg. I would suggest if you are interested in the alternative, to discuss it with your doctor. They would be the only ones that will be able to tell you if this alternative is right for you. If it is right for you, generic Ultram (Tramadol) 50mg is available on CVS Pharmacies Health Savings Pass program for 180 tablets for $9.99. Please be aware that CVS Health Savings program requires $10.00 annual enrollment fee to join their program. If the alternative is not right for you, then I would suggest shopping around. Prices can vary greatly between pharmacies. It may take some effort but the savings can really add up.

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