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Cheap Prescription Drugs

Today, pharmacies all across the U.S. have implemented $4 generic drugs programs. The question many people ask themselves is, "which pharmacy has my prescription on their $4 generic drugs program?" Medtipster.com was designed to answer that question, without sending users through a multiple step process to obtain the answer.

Cheap prescription drugs are available for more than 70% of written prescriptions. Generic drugs are distributed as the bioequivalent to the brand name, and today are more commonly distributed to consumers when and where available. Talk to your doctor if you have specific questions about your prescription and the alternative of a generic equivalent.

Finding the cheapest prescriptions is as easy as 1-2-3 with Medtipster.com's proprietary technology. You will never again have to wonder which pharmacy's generic program has your prescription drug. Have your healthcare and afford it, too.

To search for prescription drug prices at your local pharmacy, enter the first 2-3 letters of your drug name and click 'Search':

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