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The Viral Infection of a Bad Hair Day

October 26, 2009 By: Tylar Masters Category: Medtipster, Prescription Savings

Tylar Masters

Tylar Masters

I got this new and really awesome haircut on Thursday and ladies, you know that feeling where you can’t wait to take a stab at replicating your new ‘do exactly the way your stylist did? It never tends to work out for me, but then add Friday’s humidity to the equation, and OMG*… my efforts were pointless. By noon, this so-called re-creation of my stylist’s looked more like something my cat Viktor coughed up.

I almost shared my bad-mood-as-a-direct-result-of-a-bad-hair-day with my 300+ facebook friends. But then I thought, “wait, is it really that bad?” I mean, I don’t have a cold sore, an ear infection, a bladder infection, toenail fungus, a zit with its own zip code, nope, nothing that bad. All I had was what I call “pony-tail syndrome.”

It got me thinking about how, with all the social media out there today, people are sharing information with each other and communicating like never before. I remember when my grandma would wait until Sunday to call us because Sprint had the $.10 a minute long distance on Sundays, remember? And we’d all get to hear about her corns and back pain the old fashioned way – via land line!

Everything on the internet has viral potential. But some things are better left non-viral! If I did have any of those problems I mentioned above, I wouldn’t share it with my friends! I would crawl into a cave, have my boyfriend send in food and water, and come out only when the problem is gone.

My point is this: How much personal information do your friends share with you? Do you know what prescriptions they might be taking right now, and for what? What if some of your friends are on daily medications and struggle to afford those every month? Would they tell you? For most people, it’s embarrassing to communicate about medical and/or financial problems.

Sharing is caring! Okay, except when it’s green and phlegm-like! But if you’re reading this, you’ve found a way to save on healthcare. Although everyone you know may not need it today, chances are there will be a day when they do need it. Share this with your friends today, because you never know if they will need it tomorrow.

* OMG is by far my favorite acronym to sarcastically throw into my blogs. It only works if you recite it as the letters and not what it actually stands for, throw in a head nod and speak like a high pitched valley girl. I truly hope someone finds as much humor in the sarcastic ways to use this acronym as I do.

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