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The New SEO – “Save Every Opportunity”

December 10, 2009 By: Tylar Masters Category: Medtipster, Prescription Savings

SEO = Save Every Opportunity

SEO = Save Every Opportunity

‘Tis the season. Retailers everywhere are throwing their best pick up lines at every potential customer. But there’s usually a catch, or some other motivation, to lure you into the store to ultimately spend more money. Wouldn’t it be great to really get something for free? Wouldn’t it be great if there really were no obligation?

How many opportunities do you really have to save a lot of money? I follow companies such as Spirit Airlines and Dell on Twitter, just in case the one day I’m ready to set sail on a last minute vacation or finally decide it’s the day to buy that new laptop, I have them telling me how to save big money. I like that.

So, let’s face it, whether research, coupons, specials, sales, auctions, using the internet to save money is what I’m announcing as the new SEO, “save every opportunity.”


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