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Just say YES to (cheaper) drugs!

December 18, 2009 By: Tylar Masters Category: Medtipster, Prescription Savings

MedtipsterAmericans utilizing prescriptions could each save thousands of dollars if the senate would allow the importation of prescription drugs from Canada and Europe. Sounds great, so, yeah, when can we benefit from that?

Well, not today. Drugmakers win this battle. The possible influx of cheaper medicines is part of a large health care legislation, and the U.S. Senate voted 51-48 in opposition of this movement to loosen importation rules. But the war on prescription drugs isn’t over, and companies like Medtipster are accomplices to win the war.

What does this mean for us, the Americans, who feel the sting when we go to the pharmacy? It means we absolutely need to choose generic drugs over brand names. Generic drugs are the answer.

The issue is that many people do not know that their prescription may be available for even less than what they pay now, that being either their copay or $32.00, which is the average price of a generic drug. More importantly, where do they go to get that prescription on a generic program? Which pharmacy has that generic drug for just $4, or even less? has the answer to those questions.

Generic drug programs are available at most pharmacies, and most of their pharmacy websites have an available database or a download-able PDF of their generic drug lists. Medtipster understands what a hassle that can be for consumers, and created the database all in one location, Pharmacy location, phone number, prescription price, even membership information at requiring pharmacies.

If you have trouble affording your medication, please contact us. We are here to help any way we can!


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Tylar Masters
Manager of Marketing and Communications
Medtipster, LLC.

Reporting drug side effects and reactions

December 16, 2009 By: Lior Category: Medicine Advice, Medtipster

An important question came in today on what to do if a medication you are taking does not perform as expected. First and foremost evaluate if emergency medical services are need, and call 911.

Then inform your doctor of the indecent. Try to keep careful notes of what happened before,  during and after. Its important to mention any and all medications, both prescription (RX) and over the counter (OTC). Mention  any and all vitamins, supplements or antacids, since they too may have had a role.

Finally inform the FDA, they keep track of this information and will investigate. You are encouraged to notify them so that future incidents can be avoided thereby turning your unfortunate incident into a potential lifesaver for someone else.

If you like you can share your story and get support by posting in our forum.

Stay Healthy!

Jason Klein interview this morning on WJIM Lansing

December 14, 2009 By: Lior Category: Free Prescriptions, Medtipster

This morning Jason A. Klein was interviewed on WJIM 1240 in Lansing Michigan. Gary Austin hosted Jason to find out more about Medtipster and all that we offer.

Listen right here in your browser.

Jason Klein Interview

The New SEO – “Save Every Opportunity”

December 10, 2009 By: Tylar Masters Category: Medtipster, Prescription Savings

SEO = Save Every Opportunity

SEO = Save Every Opportunity

‘Tis the season. Retailers everywhere are throwing their best pick up lines at every potential customer. But there’s usually a catch, or some other motivation, to lure you into the store to ultimately spend more money. Wouldn’t it be great to really get something for free? Wouldn’t it be great if there really were no obligation?

How many opportunities do you really have to save a lot of money? I follow companies such as Spirit Airlines and Dell on Twitter, just in case the one day I’m ready to set sail on a last minute vacation or finally decide it’s the day to buy that new laptop, I have them telling me how to save big money. I like that.

So, let’s face it, whether research, coupons, specials, sales, auctions, using the internet to save money is what I’m announcing as the new SEO, “save every opportunity.”


Medtipster tells you where the lowest prescriptions are available in your neighborhood. Totally free. In fact, right now, if you live in Michigan, visit and you could win your prescription. No obligations (we pinky promise).

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Tylar Masters
Manager of Marketing and Communications
Medtipster, LLC.

Michigan Giveaway radio spot

December 07, 2009 By: Lior Category: Free Prescriptions, Medtipster

As part of the giveaway awareness campaign, we are running the following radio ad in metro areas in Michigan. If you missed it or are ouside of the listening area you can hear it right here.

Just click “play”

Medtipster Radio Spot Ad Dec 2009

Make sure to register for your chance to win qualifying prescriptions right here at

Through the “FREE Everyday Prescription Giveaway,” Medtipster will process free generics for Michigan residents at pharmacies including Kroger, Target, Spartan Stores and Walmart.

December 01, 2009 By: Nadia Category: Free Prescriptions, Medtipster

Medtipster's FREE Every Day Giveaway

Medtipster's FREE Every Day Giveaway

Today Medtipster, the company behind the online healthcare search engine and price comparator, announced the launch of a new program to create awareness of a safe and effective way to reduce consumers’ healthcare costs in the face of today’s difficult economy.

Through Medtipster’s “FREE Everyday Prescription Giveaway,” Michigan residents can visit throughout December to register for a chance to win a free qualifying generic prescription on a discount list from a participating pharmacy. No purchase is necessary to register. Network pharmacies on include Kroger, Target, Spartan Stores, and Walmart, among others. Hundreds of winners will be selected at random during the 31-day promotion, ending December 31, 2009. Winners will select from thousands of qualifying generic medications listed on and receive up to a three-month supply for free at participating pharmacies.

“Switching to generic prescriptions on discount lists is a great way for consumers to save money on their rising healthcare costs, without compromising their quality of care,” said Jason A. Klein, President of Medtipster. “Our ‘FREE Everyday’ promotion will bring awareness to this, and to the fact that consumers can save everyday by using to find where they can locate generic equivalents of their medications on discount pricing programs by zip code, right in their neighborhoods. We are not an e-commerce site – instead we help consumers find where they can purchase their prescription medications and find seasonal and H1N1 flu vaccinations at the lowest price, right in their neighborhoods.”

Based in Troy, Mich., Medtipster is launching the promotion in Michigan, but will soon expand the promotion nationwide. For more information or to register for a chance to win, visit

About Medtipster

Medtipster ( was developed to provide the public with a solution to the rising cost of healthcare. Headquartered in Troy, Mich., Medtipster is the brainchild of five Michigan executives, who combined their collective experience of 100 years in the pharmaceutical industry to provide Americans with substantial savings on their prescription drug and healthcare expenses.

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